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Dean And Sam wallpaper by Jins-girl Dean And Sam wallpaper :iconjins-girl:Jins-girl 0 0 south park green day 4 by Jins-girl south park green day 4 :iconjins-girl:Jins-girl 0 0 south park green day 3 by Jins-girl south park green day 3 :iconjins-girl:Jins-girl 2 2 south park green day 2 by Jins-girl south park green day 2 :iconjins-girl:Jins-girl 0 0 south park green day 1 by Jins-girl south park green day 1 :iconjins-girl:Jins-girl 0 0 Glee Meme by Jins-girl Glee Meme :iconjins-girl:Jins-girl 1 1
Amber's brother
Amber's brother
(OK hope you enjoy this is the next story i only own the plot and Amber so um enjoy!!!)
( it's been over a month since Amber's run in with Kabuto and Tsunade was true to her wood when amber leaves a anbu is always with her Amber had put a stop to that by tell tsunade the ANBU need to stay at the village so Kiba or Shino or anyone of friends stays with her today Kabuto will come again.)
Amber: hey Shino I'm going to the sand village i swear to garaa i would go for his birthday and you can't break your word to kazekage.
Shino: fine but I'm coming to.
( Amber rolls her eyes and laughs and take off to the sand village half way Shino need to make a "rest stop" at the brush so Amber goes ahead a bit and sits next to a lake)
Kabuto: well little sister we meet again
Amber ( jumping up trembling): wh..what do want brother i told you I'm going to betray anyone.
Kabuto: I...I i didn't come for that i ( he growls to himself) i have never had family and i want to get to know my litt
:iconjins-girl:Jins-girl 0 3
Amber's dark past
( this is a new fic with amber hope you like it guys)
Amber dark past
( it was a quite day amber decide to chill out and relax a hidden hot spring in the woods not far from the Aburame compound what amber didn't know was she was being followed by someone she had just started soaking in the hot spring when she hears a sound she tips her head to see a young man with sliver hair in a pony tail and glasses standing there she jumps out of the water.)
Amber: who are you!
Kabuto (grinning): well Amber it's been some time since i saw you last you was 4 when i saw you last my how you have grown up.
Amber: wait your Kabuto! you're a spy! for the sound what do you want with me and how do you know me!
Kabuto ( laughs a bit): why you don't remember well i guess father did a good job of never telling you. you see amber I'm you brother our father had a one night stand with my mother and well ( chuckles) here i am and you mom well she just decides to make believe i wasn't here and as far what i want w
:iconjins-girl:Jins-girl 1 6
Jasper get's a make over
( hey y'all i'm back so enjoy this story and i maid a char for twilight she makes her first view in this story)
Jasper get's a make over and Anna's first punishment
(it was one of them days when you we're so board your brain falls asleep and you start doing really dumb things well Jasper to a victim on those moments from the newest adopted Cullen Anna she is Emmett really blood niece she is half human half vampire she is as strong as Emmett but short like Alice she has black dyed hair with red strikes she has a hour glasses body a bit bigger on top lavender eyes a pieced tongue and eye brawl and belly button she wearing black jean shorts and red belly and she gives rose a run for her money when comes to looks she is 14 but would look 17 to humans)
Anna: Jasper this has to be the most boring day ever!  
Jasper: hey it was your uncle broke the Xbox 360 for 50th time this month not me.
Anna: i know but damn oh i have idea!
(she turns and gives Jasper one her smiles that can only
:iconjins-girl:Jins-girl 0 0
The cullens get's bored
Edward and jasper, Emmett, Carlisle get's bored
(my first one hope you like it!)
(it was way to quite in the house for Edward, jasper, Emmett,Carlisle the girls had gone hunting and Bella was at her house to pack the rest of her stuff to move in so Edward jasper, Emmett was alone in the big white house.)
Edward: this is really boring there has to be something around here to do.
Emmett: i know it's boring!
Jasper: we can put on some music.
Carlisle: we'll find something to do.
(the 4 boys then grin as idea hits them they walk up to the CD player and turns the volume up all the way grabs the remote and heads out of the room and hits play the music starts and the boys slid out in only there boxers button down shirts and socks and sunglasses.)
Edward and jasper, Emmett,Carlisle ( mouthing the words and dancing): Just take those old records off the shelf Ill sit and listen to em by myself Today's music ain't got the same soul I like that old time rock n roll Dont try to take me to a disco Y
:iconjins-girl:Jins-girl 1 3
Mature content
The boy cheer up Amber :iconjins-girl:Jins-girl 1 1
Ambers dates
OK this is like my 8th one i believe i hope you all like it i only own amber i don't own any of the naruto people are place from Naruto so enjoy!
Amber's Dates
(Amber and Shika where at time travailing back from a mission and it was getting late so Shika stops to tell amber they are going to set up camp but Amber who is lost in her thoughts about having two dates tomorrow didn't see Shika stop and slams right into knocking them both to ground Shika lands on his back and Amber lands right on top of him they are inches away nose to nose at this time)
Amber (eyes closed): owww sorry Shika I guess I lost in my mind I....
(She opens her eyes and sees how close she is to Shika who is red faced and not sure what to do)
Shika: um Amber I uh this is a little um I think that I (he lifts his head making their lips touch.)
(Amber is shocked but it feels so nice she leans into the kiss making Shika kiss harder and before they know Shika has rolled them over so he is on top and his hands are roaming
:iconjins-girl:Jins-girl 1 7
2008 vampire girl by Jins-girl 2008 vampire girl :iconjins-girl:Jins-girl 0 3 The Eye The Rose The Heart by Jins-girl The Eye The Rose The Heart :iconjins-girl:Jins-girl 0 3 A broken bond between brothers by Jins-girl A broken bond between brothers :iconjins-girl:Jins-girl 1 1
Amber's frist Meeting
OK I hope everyone likes this story i only own my OC amber i don't own anyone else so enjoy the story
Meet Kiba's Cousin Amber
(Kiba was standing outside of Shika's Door pounding on it and yelling loudly for him to come out and Shika was walking slow but still coming to the door yeah its Shika here you know he's a lazy boy)
Kiba: Shika open the door come on open up!!!!!
Shika: what the .........OW Hey!
Kiba: oops sorry (he looks at the new red mark on Shika's cheek where he punched him by mistake) look Shika i need you to do a big big big favor for me you see my Cousin Amber is coming to live with me and I was so post to meet her but I was just told I had a mission which will only take about 5 hours I need you to please go and pick up Amber for me.
Shika: what a drag (he closes his eyes for a minute): ok Kiba where is she.
Kiba: Thanks Shika!! She's at the hot springs resort just north of the Village (he gives him a pic of Amber and leaves)
Shika (he looks at the photo of Amberl): grea
:iconjins-girl:Jins-girl 1 14


Supernatural+sick... by xanseviera Supernatural+sick... :iconxanseviera:xanseviera 1,010 129 Starstruck puppy love by Nekoshiba Starstruck puppy love :iconnekoshiba:Nekoshiba 866 129 The Miz by PrizefighterInferno9 The Miz :iconprizefighterinferno9:PrizefighterInferno9 8 2 Monster by SenseiOfTheDojo Monster :iconsenseiofthedojo:SenseiOfTheDojo 20 2 JENSEN WITH MY ART by There1sNoSp00n JENSEN WITH MY ART :iconthere1snosp00n:There1sNoSp00n 348 192 Supernatural - Jensen by cantturnaround Supernatural - Jensen :iconcantturnaround:cantturnaround 153 26
Mature content
(Supernatural) Wincest: Hotel Lovin's :iconscredfield:SCRedfield 97 29
Green Around the Edges Page55 by Nerrianah Green Around the Edges Page55 :iconnerrianah:Nerrianah 18 31 Green around the edges Page54 by Nerrianah Green around the edges Page54 :iconnerrianah:Nerrianah 12 16 Green around the edges Page53 by Nerrianah Green around the edges Page53 :iconnerrianah:Nerrianah 17 12 Green around the edges Page52 by Nerrianah Green around the edges Page52 :iconnerrianah:Nerrianah 12 10 Green around the edges Page51 by Nerrianah Green around the edges Page51 :iconnerrianah:Nerrianah 9 12 Green around the edges Page50 by Nerrianah Green around the edges Page50 :iconnerrianah:Nerrianah 15 12 Green around the edges Page49 by Nerrianah Green around the edges Page49 :iconnerrianah:Nerrianah 18 5 Green around the edges Page48 by Nerrianah Green around the edges Page48 :iconnerrianah:Nerrianah 13 16 Green around the edges Page47 by Nerrianah Green around the edges Page47 :iconnerrianah:Nerrianah 13 4


Err ok um i really don't do my journal much so hey Frist one lol ok here we go

Here we go girls! Hope you are happy now!

1.Post these rules.
2.People tagged must post 8 things each about themselves in their journals.
3.Tag six people and post their icons on the same journal.
4.Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5.No tag-backs

1.My birthday is January, the 2nd
2.I have a basset hound puppy she's 1 year
3.I love men with tattoos
4.I want to get a tattoo on my ankle
5.i have 6 auto graphed pics
6.i got a scar on my leg from nail sticking outta the wall
7.I love chocolate. nickname was bug girl because i like some bugs like ladybugs and butterflys and stuff

I tag
Yakushi--Kabuto ~greendaycomix *Bloodzilla-Billy

Drink? nope..
Smoke? nope
Use Drugs? Hell no
Cuss? Oh my god, all the time!
Play Any Instruments? i wish but i suck
Have Any Piercings? no i had my ears pierced but i had a allergic reaction the ears rings i bought fake gold
Have Any Tattoos? no but i want one on my ankle
Like To Annoy People? only if they Annoy me frist
Like Life? Of course.
Wear Make-Up? sometimes
Dye Your Hair? i want to but no time lol
Scream At The Top Of Your Lungs For No Reason?: sometimes just when i fell like be a odd
Get Distracted By Shiny Objects? sometimes yeah!
Like Getting Caught In The Rain? yeah i guess

Dependable? Yes
Trustworthy? Yes
Obsessive? nope
Hyperactive?: yeah lol i have ADHD
Happy? yes.
Content? Usually.
Boring? No
Violent? nope
Evil? sometimes lol
Hippie-Ish? No
Shy? um a little
Paranoid? no
Annoying? no!
Social? Yes
Religious? i guess a tiny bit

TV Show?: sooooooo many lol House CSI Anime of all kinds
Band/Singer(s)? Green Day Good Charlotte stuff like that
Song? way to many to say but um  st, Jimmy uh Jesus of Sabrubea

Book/Story? way to many to say
Color(s)? Red and black.
Shape? um round
Animal? dogs and wolf
Person(s)? My family and friends (on web and in real of course!) my colleagues
Smell? lavender
Flower? Lilac
Subject? English
Board Game? clue
Musical Instrument? bass
Sport?: WWE
Word? Sweet!
Quote? it's only funny till some one get's hurt than it's F...king funny ( Billie Joe Armstrong)
Hobby? Drawing and doing fanfic
Store? hottopic
Season? winter
Time Of Day? Sunset
Worst Fear? spiders
Life Goal? Being happy all my life.

Pepsi Or Coke? coke
McDonald's Or Burger King? McDonaleds
Converse Or Vans? Converse all the way baby!!
Dogs Or Cats? Dogs
AIM, YIM Or MSN Messenger? I have msn, and YAhoo
Chicken Or Fish? Chicken
Black Or White? black
MTV Or FUSE? fuse and MTV
Day: um wensday that's when i work with the cute guy at work lol
Room: mine
Life: now
World: without war, without politic... I'm tired of rules...
Romantic Date: i don't know just having fun on the date

God? I believe in mine, I believe in choice.
Heaven & Hell? yes
Angels & Demons? yes
Reincarnation? i don't know
Yourself? yes.
Ghosts? yeah
UFOs? yeah
Big Foot? i don't know
Lockness Monster? yeah
A Thing Called Love? I hope.

Kill Someone Else? only if i really had to like a life or death thing
Kill Yourself? No, I am not too selfish to make that.
Beg For Money? only if i had to
Bunjee Jump? HELL NO!!
Make Out In The Rain? yeah
Run Away From Home? No way
Ride A Motorcycle? No to dangruse
Do Extreme Sports? no
Fuck Someone Behind A Dumpster? um hell no

ok have fun BYE!!
  • Listening to: Green Day!
  • Reading: Chicken soup for the Teen age Soul
  • Watching: Naurto
  • Playing: war hammer online
  • Eating: pizza
  • Drinking: soda


United States
Not much to say love doing this kinda of don't have a lot of free time I try to things when in can


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